Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

Anyone who doesn't think that this weekend was full of things that should never have happened, is definitely out of their mind or didn't watch a single game.

Baylor beats Oklahoma?  While it's hard to bet against Robert Griffin III, it's much harder to bet against the entire Oklahoma team.  This game was back and forth for awhile, then Baylor went up, and up, and up.  Oklahoma comes back to tie it up 38-38 hoping for overtime.  Not this time OU, sorry guys.  RG3 to the endzone, Baylor wins!  45-38.

SoCal over Oregon? Are you serious?  LaMichael James has "play maker" ingrained in his DNA, but last night he wasn't even the teams leading rusher.  Barkley tossed four touchdowns, while throwing an interception as well.  It didn't matter as the Trojans topped Oregon 38-35.

NC State over Clemson? Yes, while I am overjoyed Clemson got destroyed by a mediocre (by ACC standards) team, it was, nonetheless, an upset.  Clemson fans will say it was because they were without Sammy Watkins.  While this may be true, Clemson needs to learn to win against all odds, like South Carolina has been doing.  We lost our Heisman candidate running back, our star Quarterback, and we are STILL 9-2, playing in the SEC.  Come on, Clemson, just stay home instead of getting embarrassed this weekend.  NC State won 37-13.

Iowa St over Okie St?  Brandon Weeden, are you serious?  I had you picked as the Heisman winner this year.  48-of-52 for 476 yards, 3 TD's, and 3 Int's, and OSU still didn't win?  Those 3 Int's killed you guys.  Can't believe I'm saying this, but Iowa St over OSU with a score of 37-31.

I'm guessing everyone here is looking for the Carolina game recap though, correct?
Carolina won this 41-20 match up after a short shoot out in the first half.  Citadel tried to hang in there, but once our defense got set in nicely and got used to the option again, they shut it down nicely.  Shaw went 16-of-18 for 217 yards and 3 touchdowns, 1 interception, let's not leave out that 60 yard touchdown RUN he took off on, no one can deny that kid has a nice motor, I think it's a Hemi.  Fairly good game, but I'd like to see the pass protection become good enough to where he has that kind of time to throw an excellent game, EVERY game.  Brandon Wilds came in this game with two 100 yard games already.  Let's raise that to three now that he went 109 yards on 20 carries for 2 touchdowns.  Alshon had to show out in possibly one of his last games in Williams-Brice.  He made an incredible one handed catch for a touchdown. I say, I say, that was beautiful!  (I meant to type that twice...)

Until next time, Gamecock fans!

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