Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Recap

Anyone who doesn't think that this weekend was full of things that should never have happened, is definitely out of their mind or didn't watch a single game.

Baylor beats Oklahoma?  While it's hard to bet against Robert Griffin III, it's much harder to bet against the entire Oklahoma team.  This game was back and forth for awhile, then Baylor went up, and up, and up.  Oklahoma comes back to tie it up 38-38 hoping for overtime.  Not this time OU, sorry guys.  RG3 to the endzone, Baylor wins!  45-38.

SoCal over Oregon? Are you serious?  LaMichael James has "play maker" ingrained in his DNA, but last night he wasn't even the teams leading rusher.  Barkley tossed four touchdowns, while throwing an interception as well.  It didn't matter as the Trojans topped Oregon 38-35.

NC State over Clemson? Yes, while I am overjoyed Clemson got destroyed by a mediocre (by ACC standards) team, it was, nonetheless, an upset.  Clemson fans will say it was because they were without Sammy Watkins.  While this may be true, Clemson needs to learn to win against all odds, like South Carolina has been doing.  We lost our Heisman candidate running back, our star Quarterback, and we are STILL 9-2, playing in the SEC.  Come on, Clemson, just stay home instead of getting embarrassed this weekend.  NC State won 37-13.

Iowa St over Okie St?  Brandon Weeden, are you serious?  I had you picked as the Heisman winner this year.  48-of-52 for 476 yards, 3 TD's, and 3 Int's, and OSU still didn't win?  Those 3 Int's killed you guys.  Can't believe I'm saying this, but Iowa St over OSU with a score of 37-31.

I'm guessing everyone here is looking for the Carolina game recap though, correct?
Carolina won this 41-20 match up after a short shoot out in the first half.  Citadel tried to hang in there, but once our defense got set in nicely and got used to the option again, they shut it down nicely.  Shaw went 16-of-18 for 217 yards and 3 touchdowns, 1 interception, let's not leave out that 60 yard touchdown RUN he took off on, no one can deny that kid has a nice motor, I think it's a Hemi.  Fairly good game, but I'd like to see the pass protection become good enough to where he has that kind of time to throw an excellent game, EVERY game.  Brandon Wilds came in this game with two 100 yard games already.  Let's raise that to three now that he went 109 yards on 20 carries for 2 touchdowns.  Alshon had to show out in possibly one of his last games in Williams-Brice.  He made an incredible one handed catch for a touchdown. I say, I say, that was beautiful!  (I meant to type that twice...)

Until next time, Gamecock fans!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Daily Thought - SEC East

Keeping it short and simple today viewers.

Would you rather go to the East and possibly get dominated worse than last season (or possibly upset the #1 team in the nation), or let UGA get tromped and us have more time to practice for our bowl game?  Which, by how it's looking, is going to be either the Chik-Fil-A Bowl, Outback Bowl, or Cotton Bowl.  I'm going with the Cotton Bowl, though.

I would rather let UGA get tromped and let us go into bowl season with our heads and spirits up after retiring the Tiger at that school, whose name must not be said, in upstate South Carolina.  If we get tromped in the SECCG then we'd be crushed for the bowl game.  11-2 is a great season.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Daily Thought - Marcus Lattimore

Well, since the Florida game, I've been thinking a lot about our season, the injuries, what the team has been through, and I've decided that every day, I'm going to post a thought.  This thought will be, like all my articles, open for discussion.  Although with these, the discussion will be the primary target since I won't be writing a huge article.  Just a thought, my opinion, and an open invitation.

Today's Thought
I've been thinking back to the injury to Lattimore.  Thought about how fragile the knee is, and how easily it can be damaged.  Then I started thinking, he really didn't have his normal pop in his running game.  He was getting stuffed at the line with ease.  Let's face it, that is no easy feat against a back like Lattimore.  It seems to me, possibly with the extra training he put himself through in the off season, or the large workload he had, that his knee could have been bothering him for longer than we all knew.  It'd be easy to write off aching joints as post game aches and pains.  Could he have already mildly injured the knee and the hit he took just finished the job?  Purely speculation, and we'll obviously never know, but please, respond in the comments.

Open for discussion.  We'll be back tomorrow with another daily thought.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

UF @ USC ; SEC East Clinched

Let me start off by talking about the SEC East.  With the win against Auburn last night, Georgia has almost clinched the east.  Let's face it though, Kentucky CAN'T beat Georgia.  So, with that being said, congratulations to the University of Georgia, Go SEC, and Spurs Up!

Now, on to the recap from last nights game, Florida @ South Carolina.

Offensively, it was a rushing battle, neither team could throw very well.  Connor went 6 of 12 for 81 yards and 1 Interception.  Brantley went 13 of 21 for 119 yards, no TD's, no Interceptions.  Very sad for SEC teams, especially ones with coaches known for getting the ball around.  The rushing attack was exceptional for both teams though, Connor Shaw accounted for nearly 90 yards on the ground on 16 rushes for the only two touchdowns scored.  Brandon Wilds went 120 yards on 29 carries.  He's beginning to prove he can carry a full load as a starter.  You're doing good Brandon, but you know next season you'll be back on the depth chart.  You're good, but not better than Marcus.

Jeff Demps didn't shine, but he went 33 yards on 9 carries.  Chris Rainey, on the other hand, did shine.  He went 137 yards on 17 carries.  Nice job, Chris.

Even with the nice statistics, Florida settled for four field goals thanks to our redzone defense.  Thank you again, defense.  The 17-12 win last night puts the Gamecocks up to 8-2, which means we have already tied last years record.  Next week against Citadel we look to raise our record to 9-2, which should be fairly easy. Even with their triple option attack.  Hopefully we remember what Navy did and how to shut it down.

Go Gamecocks, Spurs up!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

USC Fans are Auburn fans for a week

Okay, I understand the purpose, if Auburn beats Georgia then, blah blah, this and that, SEC Championship Game.  Okay.

I'm going to make this one short and simple.

If we can't win enough games to make it on our own, and are required to rely on another team to get us into the SEC Championship, then we don't deserve to be in the SEC Championship. 

Now, I know that chances are, some you are going to scream and say, "Going and losing is better than NOT going!"  Wrong.  I'll explain why.  If we go, we play LSU.  LSU WILL decimate USC.  When I say decimate, I mean take our loss to Auburn last year and make it worse.  "It'll help with recruiting!" Wrong.  If we lose that bad then the recruits will still be saying, "Wow, they are STILL a second rate team."  Whereas, if Georgia loses badly, MAYBE a few of our prospects in the good ole state of Georgia decides USC is still an up-and-coming team, and they want in on it.

Some may say I'm out of my mind for saying we shouldn't be in the SECCG, but I'm a realist.  LSU would dominate USC, and yeah, it would get us in a better bowl, but after a beatdown from LSU, the team morale will be low, and the chances of us winning will not be good.

Just sayin'.
Until next time.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

USC - Arkansas, Prediction Record, Winners & Losers of Week 10

We're going to start this thing off with my Prediction record so far against the spread.

Florida St (-14.5) / Boston College
I Picked: Florida St
Winner:  Florida St
Record: 1-0-0

Southern Cal (-21) / Colorado
I Picked:  Colorado to stay within 21
Winner:  Southern Cal by 25
Record:  1-1-0

Ole Miss (-2.5) / Kentucky
I Picked: Kentucky
Winner:  Kentucky (covered the spread, AND won the game by a big margin)
Record:  2-1-0

Vanderbilt / Florida (-11)
I Picked:  Vanderbilt
Winner:  Vanderbilt
Record:  3-1-0

Michigan (-3.5) / Iowa
I Picked:  Michigan
Winner:  Iowa
Record:  3-2-0

Kansas St / Oklahoma St (-21.5)
I Picked:  Kansas St

Winner:  Kansas St
Record:  4-2-0

Houston (-24) / Baylor
I Picked:  Houston
Winner:  Removed due to inaccuracy of the Vegas website.  Houston and Baylor did not play this week.
Record:  4-2-0

Boise St (-41) / UNLV
I Picked: Boise St
Winner:  UNLV (Seriously Boise?)
Record:  4-3-0

South Carolina / Arkansas (-4.5)
I Picked:  South Carolina
Winner:  Arkansas
Record:  4-4-0

Alabama (-4.5) / LSU
I Picked:  Alabama

Winner:  LSU
Record:  4-5-0

Just to remind everyone, the winners I have listed are all with the spreads, some in game results are different.

South Carolina @ Arkansas Post Game
For South Carolina fans, this game was THE game to tell us if our beloved Gamecocks could handle a second trip to the SEC Championship.  The Razorbacks proved once again, that we are in fact overrated.  We saw glimpses of hope, and glimpses of brilliance.  In the end, all we saw was our quarterback Connor Shaw knocked out of the game on a big time hit, our running game shut down by the 10th ranked rushing defense in the SEC, our receivers fail to get open, and our offensive line play go down the gutter.  Even with all of this, our quarterback play was still fairly good.  We just can not connect on a long ball.  Connor went 16-25 for 128 yards and an interception.  Considering how our O-Line was playing, that is pretty good.

This game was disappointing to say the least, and Arkansas took us to the woodshed yet again.  In this game, the Razorbacks, led by Tyler Wilson, threw all over our defense, going 20 of 37 for 299 yards, 2 TD's, 1 INT.  He completed only 4 more passes than Connor Shaw did, and had 171 more yards.  Our passing game  has to improve.

Great game Razorbacks.  Back to the drawing board, Gamecocks.

Winners & Losers of Week 10

This game was intense, to say the least.  Definitely the game of the year.  Neither team was able to score a touchdown, and were held to two field goals each until Overtime.  A few mental errors later, and LSU pulls out a 9-6 win over Alabama.  This puts LSU in the fast track for the BCS National Championship, and Alabama looks in line for either the Sugar Bowl, or a rematch against LSU for the NC.

Matt Barkley
25 of 39 for 318 yards, SIX touchdowns, one Interception.  That is all.

Oklahoma State and Stanford
With Alabama's loss, these two teams look poised to take the #2 spot.  With the schedule each team has, I'd go for Stanford to be the one to take it, since OSU has to get by OU.  Stanford does have to play Oregon, but I feel that is a much more manageable situation than OSU's.


South Carolina
We all saw the game.  Our coaching is going to have to do a LOT better.  Our QB is going to have to do a LOT better.  If we don't improve, then goodbye good bowl game, hello Bowl.

With the loss to LSU, Alabama has it's first set back to championship glory.  It is still possible for them to get back, but it is unlikely.

Sucks to be the team that Matt Barkley breaks a record for Touchdown passes in a game against.

Until next time.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 10 College Football Pick'ems

Alright folks, it's time for another article.  With the weekend closing quickly, it's only right that I post my picks against the Vegas lines.  What I'll be doing is picking 10 games each week including the Carolina game that week, and a Game of the Week.  The Carolina game, and the Game of the Week will get an informational breakdown, while the other eight picks will just have my pick.  Every Sunday, I'll post a new article updating the viewers on my W/L/T record throughout the season.  So let's get it going!

Florida St (-14.5) / Boston College
My Vote:  Florida St covers the spread

Southern Cal (-21) / Colorado
My Vote:  
Colorado loses, but stays in the 21 point spread

Mississippi (-2.5) / Kentucky
My Vote:
 Tough to predict, but I'm taking Kentucky.

Vanderbilt / Florida (-11)
My Vote:  
Vanderbilt is going to be looking for blood after the Arkansas game, they get my vote in this game.

Michigan (-3.5) / Iowa
My Vote:  
Michigan by much more than 3.5

Kansas St / Oklahoma St (-21.5)
My Vote:  Kansas St loses, but keeps it within the spread.

Houston (-24) / Baylor
My Vote:  
Another tough one, it's hard to go against RG3, but I'm going with Houston to cover this spread.

Boise St (-41) / UNLV
My Vote:  
Boise St SHOULD cover 41 points on UNLV.

South Carolina / Arkansas (-4.5)
My Analysis:
Arkansas nearly lost to Vanderbilt, yes, but a win is a win.  They come in with a high powered passing offense (9th nationally) against the 3rd in the nation pass defense of South Carolina, who will win that battle? I have no idea.  When Arkansas is clicking on offense they are hard to stop, my vote for this game is an offensive shootout, which apparently Arkansas would win, right?  Wrong.  Arkansas comes into this game ranked 43rd in passing defense and 84th in rushing defense.  Look for Connor Shaw and Brandon Wilds to have a huge game.
My Vote:  South Carolina

Alabama (-4.5) / LSU

My Analysis:
Forget the BCS, THIS is the National Championship right here.  The Tide rolls in with the #1 defense in the nation, allowing only 44.9 ypg on the ground and 135.6 ypg through the air.  That is completely incredible.  LSU brings it's own top 5 defense into the game, ranking 4th in the nation allowing only 76.6 ypg on the ground, and 174.8 ypg through the air.  Despite being one of the top teams in the country, LSU boasts a 96th ranked passing attack and 32nd ranked rushing attack.  This is where their problem will come, they will NOT be able to run against the Tide, which will make them rely on their passing game which, while already horrible, is now going up against the #1 defense in the NATION.  I think this game is going to cause some major riots in the streets. 

My Vote:  Alabama

That's all for now, folks.  Enjoy this weekend and check back Saturday for a halftime report of the Carolina game, and again on Sunday for the full recap, winners/loser of week 10, and the results of my 10 picks against the spread for this week.