Monday, November 7, 2011

USC Fans are Auburn fans for a week

Okay, I understand the purpose, if Auburn beats Georgia then, blah blah, this and that, SEC Championship Game.  Okay.

I'm going to make this one short and simple.

If we can't win enough games to make it on our own, and are required to rely on another team to get us into the SEC Championship, then we don't deserve to be in the SEC Championship. 

Now, I know that chances are, some you are going to scream and say, "Going and losing is better than NOT going!"  Wrong.  I'll explain why.  If we go, we play LSU.  LSU WILL decimate USC.  When I say decimate, I mean take our loss to Auburn last year and make it worse.  "It'll help with recruiting!" Wrong.  If we lose that bad then the recruits will still be saying, "Wow, they are STILL a second rate team."  Whereas, if Georgia loses badly, MAYBE a few of our prospects in the good ole state of Georgia decides USC is still an up-and-coming team, and they want in on it.

Some may say I'm out of my mind for saying we shouldn't be in the SECCG, but I'm a realist.  LSU would dominate USC, and yeah, it would get us in a better bowl, but after a beatdown from LSU, the team morale will be low, and the chances of us winning will not be good.

Just sayin'.
Until next time.

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