Sunday, November 6, 2011

USC - Arkansas, Prediction Record, Winners & Losers of Week 10

We're going to start this thing off with my Prediction record so far against the spread.

Florida St (-14.5) / Boston College
I Picked: Florida St
Winner:  Florida St
Record: 1-0-0

Southern Cal (-21) / Colorado
I Picked:  Colorado to stay within 21
Winner:  Southern Cal by 25
Record:  1-1-0

Ole Miss (-2.5) / Kentucky
I Picked: Kentucky
Winner:  Kentucky (covered the spread, AND won the game by a big margin)
Record:  2-1-0

Vanderbilt / Florida (-11)
I Picked:  Vanderbilt
Winner:  Vanderbilt
Record:  3-1-0

Michigan (-3.5) / Iowa
I Picked:  Michigan
Winner:  Iowa
Record:  3-2-0

Kansas St / Oklahoma St (-21.5)
I Picked:  Kansas St

Winner:  Kansas St
Record:  4-2-0

Houston (-24) / Baylor
I Picked:  Houston
Winner:  Removed due to inaccuracy of the Vegas website.  Houston and Baylor did not play this week.
Record:  4-2-0

Boise St (-41) / UNLV
I Picked: Boise St
Winner:  UNLV (Seriously Boise?)
Record:  4-3-0

South Carolina / Arkansas (-4.5)
I Picked:  South Carolina
Winner:  Arkansas
Record:  4-4-0

Alabama (-4.5) / LSU
I Picked:  Alabama

Winner:  LSU
Record:  4-5-0

Just to remind everyone, the winners I have listed are all with the spreads, some in game results are different.

South Carolina @ Arkansas Post Game
For South Carolina fans, this game was THE game to tell us if our beloved Gamecocks could handle a second trip to the SEC Championship.  The Razorbacks proved once again, that we are in fact overrated.  We saw glimpses of hope, and glimpses of brilliance.  In the end, all we saw was our quarterback Connor Shaw knocked out of the game on a big time hit, our running game shut down by the 10th ranked rushing defense in the SEC, our receivers fail to get open, and our offensive line play go down the gutter.  Even with all of this, our quarterback play was still fairly good.  We just can not connect on a long ball.  Connor went 16-25 for 128 yards and an interception.  Considering how our O-Line was playing, that is pretty good.

This game was disappointing to say the least, and Arkansas took us to the woodshed yet again.  In this game, the Razorbacks, led by Tyler Wilson, threw all over our defense, going 20 of 37 for 299 yards, 2 TD's, 1 INT.  He completed only 4 more passes than Connor Shaw did, and had 171 more yards.  Our passing game  has to improve.

Great game Razorbacks.  Back to the drawing board, Gamecocks.

Winners & Losers of Week 10

This game was intense, to say the least.  Definitely the game of the year.  Neither team was able to score a touchdown, and were held to two field goals each until Overtime.  A few mental errors later, and LSU pulls out a 9-6 win over Alabama.  This puts LSU in the fast track for the BCS National Championship, and Alabama looks in line for either the Sugar Bowl, or a rematch against LSU for the NC.

Matt Barkley
25 of 39 for 318 yards, SIX touchdowns, one Interception.  That is all.

Oklahoma State and Stanford
With Alabama's loss, these two teams look poised to take the #2 spot.  With the schedule each team has, I'd go for Stanford to be the one to take it, since OSU has to get by OU.  Stanford does have to play Oregon, but I feel that is a much more manageable situation than OSU's.


South Carolina
We all saw the game.  Our coaching is going to have to do a LOT better.  Our QB is going to have to do a LOT better.  If we don't improve, then goodbye good bowl game, hello Bowl.

With the loss to LSU, Alabama has it's first set back to championship glory.  It is still possible for them to get back, but it is unlikely.

Sucks to be the team that Matt Barkley breaks a record for Touchdown passes in a game against.

Until next time.

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