Thursday, November 3, 2011

Week 10 College Football Pick'ems

Alright folks, it's time for another article.  With the weekend closing quickly, it's only right that I post my picks against the Vegas lines.  What I'll be doing is picking 10 games each week including the Carolina game that week, and a Game of the Week.  The Carolina game, and the Game of the Week will get an informational breakdown, while the other eight picks will just have my pick.  Every Sunday, I'll post a new article updating the viewers on my W/L/T record throughout the season.  So let's get it going!

Florida St (-14.5) / Boston College
My Vote:  Florida St covers the spread

Southern Cal (-21) / Colorado
My Vote:  
Colorado loses, but stays in the 21 point spread

Mississippi (-2.5) / Kentucky
My Vote:
 Tough to predict, but I'm taking Kentucky.

Vanderbilt / Florida (-11)
My Vote:  
Vanderbilt is going to be looking for blood after the Arkansas game, they get my vote in this game.

Michigan (-3.5) / Iowa
My Vote:  
Michigan by much more than 3.5

Kansas St / Oklahoma St (-21.5)
My Vote:  Kansas St loses, but keeps it within the spread.

Houston (-24) / Baylor
My Vote:  
Another tough one, it's hard to go against RG3, but I'm going with Houston to cover this spread.

Boise St (-41) / UNLV
My Vote:  
Boise St SHOULD cover 41 points on UNLV.

South Carolina / Arkansas (-4.5)
My Analysis:
Arkansas nearly lost to Vanderbilt, yes, but a win is a win.  They come in with a high powered passing offense (9th nationally) against the 3rd in the nation pass defense of South Carolina, who will win that battle? I have no idea.  When Arkansas is clicking on offense they are hard to stop, my vote for this game is an offensive shootout, which apparently Arkansas would win, right?  Wrong.  Arkansas comes into this game ranked 43rd in passing defense and 84th in rushing defense.  Look for Connor Shaw and Brandon Wilds to have a huge game.
My Vote:  South Carolina

Alabama (-4.5) / LSU

My Analysis:
Forget the BCS, THIS is the National Championship right here.  The Tide rolls in with the #1 defense in the nation, allowing only 44.9 ypg on the ground and 135.6 ypg through the air.  That is completely incredible.  LSU brings it's own top 5 defense into the game, ranking 4th in the nation allowing only 76.6 ypg on the ground, and 174.8 ypg through the air.  Despite being one of the top teams in the country, LSU boasts a 96th ranked passing attack and 32nd ranked rushing attack.  This is where their problem will come, they will NOT be able to run against the Tide, which will make them rely on their passing game which, while already horrible, is now going up against the #1 defense in the NATION.  I think this game is going to cause some major riots in the streets. 

My Vote:  Alabama

That's all for now, folks.  Enjoy this weekend and check back Saturday for a halftime report of the Carolina game, and again on Sunday for the full recap, winners/loser of week 10, and the results of my 10 picks against the spread for this week.

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