Sunday, November 13, 2011

UF @ USC ; SEC East Clinched

Let me start off by talking about the SEC East.  With the win against Auburn last night, Georgia has almost clinched the east.  Let's face it though, Kentucky CAN'T beat Georgia.  So, with that being said, congratulations to the University of Georgia, Go SEC, and Spurs Up!

Now, on to the recap from last nights game, Florida @ South Carolina.

Offensively, it was a rushing battle, neither team could throw very well.  Connor went 6 of 12 for 81 yards and 1 Interception.  Brantley went 13 of 21 for 119 yards, no TD's, no Interceptions.  Very sad for SEC teams, especially ones with coaches known for getting the ball around.  The rushing attack was exceptional for both teams though, Connor Shaw accounted for nearly 90 yards on the ground on 16 rushes for the only two touchdowns scored.  Brandon Wilds went 120 yards on 29 carries.  He's beginning to prove he can carry a full load as a starter.  You're doing good Brandon, but you know next season you'll be back on the depth chart.  You're good, but not better than Marcus.

Jeff Demps didn't shine, but he went 33 yards on 9 carries.  Chris Rainey, on the other hand, did shine.  He went 137 yards on 17 carries.  Nice job, Chris.

Even with the nice statistics, Florida settled for four field goals thanks to our redzone defense.  Thank you again, defense.  The 17-12 win last night puts the Gamecocks up to 8-2, which means we have already tied last years record.  Next week against Citadel we look to raise our record to 9-2, which should be fairly easy. Even with their triple option attack.  Hopefully we remember what Navy did and how to shut it down.

Go Gamecocks, Spurs up!!!

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