Monday, November 14, 2011

Daily Thought - Marcus Lattimore

Well, since the Florida game, I've been thinking a lot about our season, the injuries, what the team has been through, and I've decided that every day, I'm going to post a thought.  This thought will be, like all my articles, open for discussion.  Although with these, the discussion will be the primary target since I won't be writing a huge article.  Just a thought, my opinion, and an open invitation.

Today's Thought
I've been thinking back to the injury to Lattimore.  Thought about how fragile the knee is, and how easily it can be damaged.  Then I started thinking, he really didn't have his normal pop in his running game.  He was getting stuffed at the line with ease.  Let's face it, that is no easy feat against a back like Lattimore.  It seems to me, possibly with the extra training he put himself through in the off season, or the large workload he had, that his knee could have been bothering him for longer than we all knew.  It'd be easy to write off aching joints as post game aches and pains.  Could he have already mildly injured the knee and the hit he took just finished the job?  Purely speculation, and we'll obviously never know, but please, respond in the comments.

Open for discussion.  We'll be back tomorrow with another daily thought.

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